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FULL MOVE OUT CLEAN (includes all below)

Bathrooms (check this line for all below)
Clean toilet, sink and shower/tub
Clean inside of cabinets
Vacuum Fan Vents
Clean wood work
Clean lights and light fixture
Clean floor

Kitchen (check this line for all below)
Wipe out refrigerator only
Break down refrigerator and clean to detail
Move refrigerator and clean underneath
Clean stove top
Clean oven
Clean underneath of stove
Move stove and clean sides
Clean vent filter and underneath stove hood
Clean inside all cabinets and drawers
Clean on top of cabinets
Clean outside of all cabinets
Clean only fingerprints etc. from outside of cabinets
Clean front of all appliances
Clean counters
Clean sink and faucet
Clean stove hood
Clean Microwave
Clean floor

General (check this line for all below)
Clean inside windows
Clean window slider tracks
Dust blinds
Clean all woodwork
Clean woodwork only where visibly dirty
Vacuum carpet
Sweep wood/laminate floors
Mop wood/ligament floors
Clean light switches
Clean Hanging lights
Remove light globes from ceiling and wipe out
Clean walls where appropriate
Clean Laundry Room
Clean Laundry Room Floor

Carpet Cleaning check if you wish us to clean the carpet

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